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Life, the Universe and almost everything in between. This is Science at Melbourne.

  1. 24 May 2019 – Art, Astrophysics, Physics, Sciences, Turbulence

    The art of inexplicable eddies

    A University of Melbourne collaboration between art and science explores the turbulent physics of eddies to produce a mesmerising artistic experience.

  2. 14 May 2019 – Bacteria, Evolution, Microbiology, Nutrition, Oceans

    The superheroes of nutrient detection living in our oceans

    With no Uber Eats for bacteria, a University of Melbourne-led study reveals how ocean microorganisms are supremely evolved to detect and swim toward nutrients.

  3. 13 May 2019 – 2019 Australian Federal Election, Climate change, Environment, Global Warming, Politics

    The cost of climate (in)action

    Will any major parties' climate policies help Australia meet its Paris commitments, and what is the cost of inaction? A University of Melbourne expert explains.

  4. 4 May 2019 – Climate Change, Crops, Extreme weather, Food Security, Global Warming

    Planning for climate extremes in global farming

    A new study, led by the University of Melbourne, finds that climate extremes, like heatwaves and droughts, are impacting on the food we get from global crops.

  5. 15 April 2019 – Koalas, Marsupials, Native Animals, Nature, wombat

    A wombat, a koala and a rabbit in a burrow

    A camera trap captures footage of a wombat, a koala and a rabbit emerging from the same burrow, and University of Melbourne experts aren't sure why.

  6. 12 April 2019 – Black Holes, Gravitational waves, Solar System, Space, Universe

    Four important things that this picture tells us

    The first picture of the black hole M87*, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope, reveals a trove of information, says a University of Melbourne researcher.

  7. 11 April 2019 – HIV, Immunity, Infections, Vaccination, Viruses

    Lifting the lid on HIV

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne are helping to open up the HIV virus, exposing new treatment targets that could help eradicate the deadly disease.

  8. 3 April 2019 – Crowdsourcing, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Peer Review, Replication Crisis

    The credibility of research needs you!

    A University of Melbourne crowd sourcing project is part of a US effort to solve the science replication crisis and they need thousands of expert volunteers.

  9. 26 March 2019 – Adaption, Climate change, Conservation, Great Barrier Reef, Ocean Temperatures

    Breeding baby corals for warmer seas

    Researchers, including University of Melbourne scientists, are breeding corals using IVF to make them better adapted to warming seas as the climate changes.