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Discover education research and innovation from birth, through the early years, school, university and beyond.

  1. 21 May 2019 – Disadvantage, Early Learning, Education, Parenting, Teaching

    A chance to even the odds

    A child’s destiny is influenced by socio-economic status and location, but quality early learning can help even the odds, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 15 May 2019 – 2019 Australian Federal Election, Children, Early Childhood, Early Learning, Education

    Why early childhood education is everyone’s business

    Policy reform and investment in early childhood education are vital for children's life-long learning, well-being and health says University of Melbourne expert

  3. 9 April 2019 – Child Wellbeing, Education, High Schools, Schools, Students

    Is your child lonely at school?

    Loneliness can cause serious problems for primary and secondary school kids; some key steps can help your child connect, say University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 7 March 2019 – Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, International Women's Day, Robotics

    Education for humans in an AI world

    As technology increasingly shapes our world, human interactions and intercultural understanding will equip us to thrive says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 30 January 2019 – Australia, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Refugees, Youth

    Moving between different cultural worlds

    University of Melbourne research finds young multicultural Australians are close to their families, but they have to balance different cultural expectations.

  6. 19 December 2018 – Child Wellbeing, Education, Schools, Students, Teaching

    Why is school connectedness so important?

    University of Melbourne researchers have outlined the four key steps to school connectedness; an important factor in students' learning and development.

  7. 13 December 2018 – Classrooms, Higher Education, Mental Health, Students, Universities

    How can we help students connect?

    University of Melbourne research shows it's hard for both local and international students to make friends on campus without intervention from teaching staff.

  8. 11 December 2018 – Culture, Exhibitions, Learning Analytics, Museums, Tourism

    How does learning happen in museums?

    University of Melbourne researchers have used Bluetooth technology to track how visitors at Melbourne Museum interact with the exhibits.

  9. 7 December 2018 – Children, Christmas, Parenting, Positive Psychology, Psychology

    Focusing on kindness, not consumption, this Christmas

    With a bit of planning, parents can use Christmas to teach kids how to slow down and be kind to other people, says University of Melbourne expert Lea Waters.