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From personalised health to public policy: the latest in medical and wellbeing research and innovation.

  1. 2 June 2019 – Chlamydia, HIV, Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Syphilis

    Taking the ‘sex’ out of sexually transmissible infections

    Despite a permissive culture, the stigma persists around sexually transmissible infections. A University of Melbourne expert says we need to try dropping a word

  2. 30 May 2019 – Disadvantage, Homeless, Public Policy, Violence, Violence Against Women

    Homelessness and violence

    For young people experiencing homelessness, violence can be a daily issue of survival and protection, says a University of Melbourne and Deakin University study

  3. 26 May 2019 – Babies, Maternal Care, Multiple birth, Parenting, Twins

    Supporting families with twin babies…or more

    Families having twins, triplets or more has doubled in 40 years, but the support and advice provided to them needs updating say University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 26 May 2019 – Indigenous, Indigenous Politics, National Reconciliation Week, Reconciliation, Young People

    Going beyond healing to build Indigenous power

    A University of Melbourne experts says reconciliation has focused on healing, but for young Indigenous Australians, the future is all about new opportunities.

  5. 26 May 2019 – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Australian Indigenous History, Indigenous, National Reconciliation Week, Reconciliation

    Grounded in truth

    A University of Melbourne expert says reconciliation requires truth telling. And there are some initiatives and policies taking a step in the right direction.

  6. 22 May 2019 – Australia, Sexism, Violence Against Women, Women, Young People

    How do young Australians see violence against women?

    New research from the University of Melbourne finds that young Australians’ understanding of sexism, violence and abuse against women needs more education.

  7. 19 May 2019 – Australia, Doctors, Health, Healthcare, Medicine

    The future of Australia's doctors

    A University of Melbourne report finds new pressures, like digital disruption and increasing costs, are changing the way doctors deliver care to patients.

  8. 16 May 2019 – 2019 Australian Federal Election, Australia, Cancer, Healthcare, Hospitals

    Improving Australia’s health system beyond the election

    Australia has one of the world's best healthcare systems, but University of Melbourne experts say election promises are failing to address its sustainability.

  9. Podcast15 May 2019 – Obesity, Prostate Cancer

    The complex relationship between prostate cancer and obesity

    Men with obesity are linked with aggressive forms of prostate cancer that rely on fatty acids and Professor Matt Watt is researching why and how to prevent it.