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Have you ever wondered? We will take the mystery out of everyday life by solving conundrums that you have always pondered.

  1. 30 May 2019 – Antarctic, Antarctica, Cold War, International Relations, Politics

    The geopolitics of Antarctica

    In 1959, countries around the world came together to establish the Antarctic Treaty; a University of Melbourne expert says it came at a time of frosty politics.

  2. 9 May 2019 – Disease, Genetics, Immune, Immunity, Lupus

    What we do (and don't) know about lupus

    Lupus affects millions worldwide; researchers from the University of Melbourne are working to treat the disease without ‘turning off’ the immune system.

  3. 15 January 2019 – Brain, Déjà vu, Epilepsy, Memory, Psychology

    What is déjà vu? What is déjà vu?

    Many of us have seen or done something that's felt eerily familiar; two University of Melbourne experts explain what the brain's doing when we get déjà vu.

  4. 11 January 2019 – Earth Sciences, Geography, History, Mapping, Sciences

    Why do some people believe the Earth is flat?

    Although science says the Earth is round, there are some people around who still think it's flat; two University of Melbourne experts look at why.

  5. 7 January 2019 – Brain, Movement, Neuroscience, Psychology, Senses

    The I’m-trying-to-get-around-you dance explained

    Two people walk towards each other, both try and get out of the way - suddenly, they’re doing the ‘sidewalk salsa'; two University of Melbourne experts explain.

  6. 12 December 2018 – Education, English, Grammar, Languages, Teaching

    Why are Australians linguistically lost?

    Formal teaching of English grammar was taken off the Australian curriculum in the 60s; but it's back and University of Melbourne experts say it's a great thing.

  7. 30 November 2018 – Bushfires, Climate Change, Drought, Extreme weather, Weather

    What does a wet spring mean for bushfire season?

    A recent spell of wet weather in Melbourne won't make a big impact bushfire risk, says a University of Melbourne expert, with the risk remaining high.

  8. 23 October 2018 – DNA, Genetics, Genomics, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Online Genetic Testing

    What do we need to know about online genetic testing?

    The Genioz study based at the MCRI and the University of Melbourne is shedding light on what Australians think about online genetic testing.

  9. 19 July 2018 – Agriculture, Fertiliser, Fossil Fuels, Nitrogen Pollution, Pollution

    What you need to know about nitrogen pollution

    A new measurement from University of Melbourne researchers could more accurately identify places at risk of damaging levels of nitrogen pollution.